Airline companies

DAILY AIRLINE COMPANIES which fly into and out of the popular destinations.

Most airline companies show none stop rates, the shortest and direct routes.  All fares are round trip including all taxes and fees.  There may well be a baggage fee needed.  Airline rates include any booking bonus, if any.  Some dates maybe be alternate dates and alternate airports. It is wise to touch base with your wise Travel agent.

Over and above what you see here our company have staff who run a private jet company so call 954-720-0475 and private jests can be offered in conjunction with your private yacht charter vacation.

Meeting our guests is easy there is only one door to the outside world in St Martin and your captain will be waiting outside for you.  Your captain would escort you to your power yacht for the week by taxi, or SUV and this costs is for our guests.  Your one week yacht charter starts the minute you are on board with your charming crew team.
Air Canada Airlines
American Airlines
Copa Airlines
Delta Airlines
Jet Blue Airlines
Spirit Airlines

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Marinas in the virgin Islands

Marinas in the Virgin Islands

Marinas in the Virgin Islands assist owners, captains and crew to establish where they wish to base their yacht, to do business in the yacht charter industry, or to keep their yacht at a marina for private use only. Dry docks are also mentioned because all yachts, big or small have to be taken out of the water once a year to do underwater maintenance, especially in the vibrant Caribbean.  Sacrificial anodes replaced, propellers checked, fresh red bottom paint to be applied to the hull of the yacht and any other under water maintenance that needs attention.

For the private yacht charter captains doing yacht charters, the Marina’s is the one place where they can also get all food products, drinks for their guests as well, as all weekly supplies like extra ice to keep beers cold. The marina is more than that, all maintenance can be done at a marina.  The marina is normally within walking distance, or tender distance to source any items captains need to keep their yacht running.  Parts and power stores and every item relating to every yacht is normally situated close to a marina.  Picking up the new luxury yacht charter guest at a marina is normally a sign of top service, so most Virgin Island yacht charter vessels make sure they can have their guests walk along the dock to board their charter yacht.  Below is a comprehensive database of Marinas in the Virgin Islands.

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Car Rentals Virgin Islands


Maria’s By The Sea, Road Town
Rates on request
Open daily 8am-5pm
4wd SUVs 8 pass, sedans, minivans, free p/up

Setting Point, Anegada
Rates: $75/day, day rentals only

Opp. Botanic Gardens, Tortola
Rates: Unlimited mileage, economy rates
Hyundai Tucson & Getz, Rav 4, Wranglers. Credit cards.

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Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in the Virgin Islands.

Nanny Cay & Soper’s Hole
Rates: $75/1 tank’ $100/2 tank; $115 resort course; CC.
Dive boats: 36’ & 32’ catamarans, 34’ Delta, 32’ Island Hopper
Equipment sales & rentals, compressor facility, rendezvous w/charter. We are set up for your luxury power yacht guests, your sailing and catamaran yacht charter guests to rendezvous directly with you.
For many years Blue Water Divers have catered to all yacht charters in the British Virgin Islands, captains call us and we respond immediately to serve their private yacht charter guests.

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor, Leverick Bay, Scrub Island, Little Dix Resort
PADI resort, 2 & 1 tank dives, snorkel, Anegada trips, 5 boats, (Nitrox), DPV
diving, air fills, rendezvous, Scubapro sales/rentals, CC.  We have geared our company to serve your motor boat guests, sailing and catamaran yacht charter guests.
You call us and we come to you, morning noon or night.

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Beaches of the Virgin Islands


Beaches and coconut palms is what attracts yacht charters to the wonderful, picturesque, pristine, beaches of the British Virgin Islands. Swaths of perfect white sand dot the BVI’s many islands from Tortola to Virgin Gorda and all islands between. And for those seeking beach heaven, Anegada is literally ringed by downy white sand, just perfect for the private yacht charter.  Beaches are a place to put down a beach towel and bask in the sun; play beach games like bocce or boules, and are a launching site for waterborne activities like swimming, snorkeling and boardsailing.

These areas of sand are no accident of nature. Here in the Caribbean, they are the result of centuries of intense wave action, often caused by storms, which batter our reefs and break off pieces of coral. These pieces are then carried off, breaking up into smaller and smaller fragments, until they are transformed into small grains of sand, and eventually come to rest on the shore. Gather enough of them over time and the sumptuous sand beaches that we love are created.

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Beach bars and Honor Bars

The Best Beach Bars and HONOR BARS in the Virgin Islands.


When doing yacht charters, few captains know of these HONOR BARS, so I will commence with them first. Both honor bars are in the British Virgin Islands, and both have been operating for many years. An honor bar is just that: you can sit down at an honor bar, and you simply have to help yourself to whatever alcohol you wish to drink; this also applies to any fruit drink or cola. When you have finished what you have drunk, then simply leave the amount of money on the bar counter when you leave. Many drinks are also on ice. My all-time favorite honor bar is Wilfred’s Honor Bar Restaurant at Pomato Point on Anegada. Wilfred and his staff arrive at 3pm to attend to dinner for guests for that evening. To all the yachts for charter, it is at Wilfred Bar that we have seen the Green Flash 5 times during our time with guests in the evening. During the day, no one is at Wilfred’s Restaurant, but it is totally open to the weather and any passing traveler. My guests and I have often walked into Wilfred’s Honor Bar during the day. All of us had one drink, left the right amount of money on the counter table and gone to relax on board our luxury catamaran SPLENDIDUM. I believe Wilfred’s Honor Bar is still there right now, 2019.

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Boat shows around the world

A typical annual yacht charter boat show and the awards presented.

Below is a typical break down of how a typical annual Virgin Island yacht charter boat show is set up to attract the world’s yacht charter brokers.  The yacht charter broker is a person who has to learn their craft by studying each yacht and crew team so that when a potential client calls us asking to do a yacht charter anywhere in the world we are able to answer their questions with the correct professional knowledge.  Barrington-Hall yacht professionals visit boat shows around the world, Genoa, Barcelona, Turkey, Greece, Antigua, St Martin,  Newport RI, United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.  Our aim is to find yachts for charter, but we look for yachts and crew teams who are head and shoulders above the rest. The Miami and Fort Lauderdale boat shows are for boats which are for sale, they are not geared for the charter yacht broker.  After learning our boats and crew teams we have to go into the world to solicit business and we do this many ways, word of mouth being our top card.  The yachts below are graced with best of show, best chef on show and many other awards the crew strive for. The vessels are set in different categories, power yachts over so many feet and motor yachts under so many feet.  The modern luxury catamaran is also set the same way.  The Private yacht charter captain and crew team are very competitive and very good at what they do, so various trophies are given for the best chef the best place setting etc.

Over and above the details below, many captains and chef teams invite valuable charter brokers to have lunch or breakfast on board, so that we select their yacht for charter.  To the charter broker this shows us how this captain and chef team are interacting, it also shows us the level of cuisine that is served and Barrington-Hall always take pictures of each different dish.  Basically this association with a captain and chef team solidifies an association between what we are doing and what the crew do for our guests when our clients are with this captain and chef team.  To charter brokers these free meals are super valuable for us, as well as the captain and chef team.

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Diving the Blue Hole

Diving the BIG BLUE HOLE off Belize


For many years now passengers of motor yacht charters, fisherman in charter motor boats (power yachts), sailors, locals and men in their flying machines, magazine readers, adventures, scuba divers, like Jacques Cousteau have all wondered how deep the Blue hole off Belize really is.?  Now we know.

This Tv program aired Sunday December 3, 2018. All three went down in a Submersible with a 270 degree clear vision dome.  There were two submersibles going down in tandem.  Descending past 175 feet was the mark where scuba divers could not get lower.  They passed various layers on the side showing where dry land once was thousands of year ago.  They also passed a few layers where Stalagmites and stalactites were clearly seen, another indication where dry caves were many years earlier.  Stalagmites and stalactites can only form in dry land based caves, it is not possible to form under water.  They went down 400 plus feet through a Hydrogen Sulfide Layer which was 30 feet off the bottom of the hole making visibility difficult.  On the bottom they noticed dead conch shells, empty crab shells, beer cans, beer bottles and various plastics.  Sir Richard said that his cruise ship company did not have plastics on board but paper cups and as many other substitutes for plastic, as possible.  It was our duty to the future of mankind to make sure plastics did not get discarded into the ocean, or elsewhere.   They noticed marks on the sandy floor where the conch shells had obviously fallen from the lip of the Blue Hole down onto the sandy floor and crawled to the wall and started to climb up, but the Hydrogen Sulfide layer had suffocated them and they fell to die on the bottom. So now we know what is at the bottom of the big blue hole off Belize.  There are various caves off the hole and caverns, but the two submersibles that went down together merely wanted to get to the bottom

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A Caribbean Catamaran Charter as a Christmas Stocking Stuffer

A Caribbean Catamaran Charter as a Christmas Stocking Stuffer

A Catamaran Charter and A Real Treasure Hunt

Mom and Dad wanted something different for their little girl Samantha so they had our company create a pirate map to place in Samantha's Christmas stocking. It wasn't just a play map, no it would lead her to real 'lost' treasures.

You can imagine that after opening her presents on Christmas Day that Samantha wanted to leave then and there to find the treasure! She could hardly wait to take off to find the pirate's bounty. Every catamaran charter vacation we assist our clients in creating is unique to them and this vacation was going to be the best vacation little Samantha could ever image.

Click on photos for larger view
Treasure Map
Samantha on Catamaran

To surprise her even more, and to add further excitement to their sailing vacation adventure we had helped them plan the real treasure hunt for her when she arrived in the Caribbean.

Her parents had purchased real gold and silver coins plus 'pirated' jewelry in advance of their trip and we had it shipped directly to the captain of their chartered catamaran. The captain was told where to hide the treasure chest in an out of the way caves so that no one else would find it before she did.

Immediately after boarding their catamaran, the luxurious "Alive", the captain set sail.

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Super Yacht Esmeralda for Luxurious Holidays

201' custom motor yacht ESMERALDA, built by Codecasa and fully refitted in 2000. She was previously named Taoey. Yacht Esmeralda for Mediterranean Yacht Charters

The M/Y Esmeralda provides an unbelievable travel experience that immerses you in unbridled luxury and style. Perfect for charter vacations on the Mediterranean or Caribbean Seas.

Your captain and crew team on board the super yacht Esmeralda are head and shoulders above the rest and the reason to see why is easy, Captain Michael Spiller at the helm since 1995, leads by example.

He's an easy going captain who is charming fun and professional. He's told me "Andrew during the day my crew are in their uniform and after 6:00 pm they all required to change into white dress uniforms with bars for the guests".

Captain Spiller has selected the right crew to correctly service his guests. "Andrew, we are a team so any in-house fighting ends immediately or someone gets a pink slip".

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Super Yacht - Diamonds Are Forever

'DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER' a 197' Benetti Custom Motor Yacht

Luxury Yacht Charters on Diamonds Are Forever

Originally built for American entrepreneur John Staluppi, founder of Atlantic Automotive Group. This was his 18th yacht and was recently sold to make room for a newly ordered 216' super yacht from the renowned yacht builder Benetti.

The yacht's interior was designed by Evan K. Marshall with her exterior created by Benetti.

The stunning motor yacht Diamonds Are Forever sleeps up to 12 guests in 6 staterooms with over 26,000 s/f in living space. No matter where you sleep on the opulent Diamonds Are Forever everyone on the yacht charter will feel like they are royalty.

These stunning accommodations include the Owner's Stateroom which has panoramic deck views, a huge suite office, dressing area, his and hers bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes. Plus, a VIP stateroom, 3 double cabins and a twin cabin. With an on board crew of 15 you can be ensured of the finest luxury yacht experience.

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Luxury Motor Yacht 'Freedom' Charters

Freedom Yacht 120' for BVI charter vacations Sleeps 9 Guests in 4 Private Staterooms
Motor Yacht FREEDOM - Broward 120

You have just found one of the industries top high-end luxury power yachts for charter in the BVI and Mediterranean with superb captain and crew to match this high-end lady.

There are not enough adjectives to correctly describe the luxury motor yacht Freedom 120 plus one of the big aspects of is her chef Joseph Styles. To appreciate how brilliant Joseph Styles is, you need to know that every year I travel to Greece, Monaco, Genoa Italy, Antigua and the Virgin Islands to inspect the world's top charter yachts.

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Luxury Power Yacht Starship - Crewed Yacht Charters

Motor Yacht 'Starship'

Luxury Power Yacht Starship BVI vacations The magnificent 143' Starship is a crewed motor yacht with an open floor plan where you can entertain and relax in splendor.

Motor Yacht Starship can be chartered anywhere in the world from the British Virgin Islands to the French Riviera and Greece.

Starship is an ideal charter boat for family fun, entertaining friends or business associates or perhaps having a romantic vacation with someone special.

The main salon's design includes a full bar, two sitting areas with one having a settee facing a 52" flat screen TV. The other area has an inviting sofa, over-sized chairs and a game table. The sky-lounge is another great spot to gather for cocktails or simply to escape to a quieter place.

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Catamaran Akasha Yacht Charters in the Virgin Islands

“Akasha” Crewed Catamaran Charter | British Virgin Islands

Winner “Best in Show” at the Annual BVI Charter Yacht Show Best Caribbean catamaran for sailing vacations.
In Sanskrit, Akasha means "space" and at 76 Feet in length and 38 Feet wide this stunning catamaran lives up to her name.

With over 2,200 s/f of usable living space catamaran Akasha is one of the largest sailing and most luxurious catamarans available for charter in all of the Caribbean Islands.

We rate Akasha as one of the world’s top luxury catamarans and manufactured well ahead of her time. She has large walk around beds in all cabins and this is a feature found on 132 foot luxury power boats had and their rates are 4 times more expensive. This is a major reason why past guests who'd spent $100,000 plus expense on a 1 week power yacht vacation now book Akasha with her weekly rate now under $50,000, all-inclusive for 10 guests.

With four double guest cabins, one of which easily converts to a twin, plus a spectacular owner's stateroom, lodge 10 guests in impressive style and pleasure.

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Voyage Catamaran Charters in the Virgin Islands

Voyage Catamarans and BVI Sailing Vacations

Luxury Voyage Catamaran
Quality Made Catamarans From Cape Town, South Africa are Built for Fun-Filled Caribbean Vacations. Known world wide for their craftsmanship, durability and safety they are a favorite of charter companies and boat owners alike. Here is a wonderful example that completely supports the statements above. We all know words are cheap, but here is my personal example of magnificent durability, craftsmanship, safety and all around quality.

In 1996 Voyage Catamarans started with one catamaran named Scubadu. Dave and Stella Beavis ran this one sailboat doing twenty Caribbean charters each year until roughly 2003. I was on board for the first time while visiting West End Tortola when I said to David, "Hey Dave don't tell me this catamaran has not been back to the factory to have new internal paint, new leather upholstery and new floor to bring her up to the condition I see her in today". David’s reply to me, “No Andy everything remains original as I simply whip her down with soap and water everyday". Oh boy, the catamaran looked brand new 5 years after doing some 100 charters and making the owner pretty happy at the same time. I doubt, any other manufacturer can claim such quality and durability. You can never go wrong by choosing to take a sailing vacation on luxury Voyage catamarans whether you are in the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas or the Greek Islands. With 8 models and lengths ranging from 45' to 60' these luxury vacation sailboats can accommodate 4 to 10 guests in comfort and style.

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BVI Tandem Yacht Charters for Large Groups

Luxury Tandem Yacht Charter Vacations.

Guests always have far more fun with two boats, two captains and crew than just one charter yacht. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Have you ever considered taking an all-inclusive catamaran sailing vacation?

Take a look at a different idea to rent private yachts, at a significantly lower rate that only a private tandem yacht charter can provide.

Tandem yacht charter Vacations Clients of ours who originally requested a big power boat ended up chartering two power catamarans.

The twin sisters the 60' Sea Boss and La Manguita were selected for their tandem yacht charter for 12 guests. Six people on each catamaran in 3 private en-suite staterooms.

Unlike the power yachts, catamaran sailboats charters do not charge the additional APA and are all-inclusive of all food, wine, beer, equipment, taxes, mooring fees, etc.

The twin power catamarans rental ended up costing $29,500 for each group of 6 people meaning that so renting both power catamarans cost $59,000 or just $4,900 per person. That works about to being a third of the price of the 140 foot power yacht with her 6 cabins that the client was first interested in chartering for their holiday.

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The World Famous Foxy's Bar - Caribbean Yacht Charters

Bringing In The New Year at the Worlds' Famous Foxy's Bar

On a BVI yacht charter vacation Foxy's Tamarind Bar is a hopping place to be for your New Year's Eve's celebrations Foxys wax figure
Lucky guests taking a BVI crewed yacht charter over the New Year holidays often choose Foxy’s Tamarind Bar on Jost van Dyke as their destination of choice to welcome in the New Year.

Even in 2014 Foxy’s , a simple beach bar, has continued to grow in popularity ever since its humble beginning back in the late 1960’s to become what it is today - a must see destination while on your luxury yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands.

Foxy himself is a fine gentleman, a genuine Caribbean character and when he was younger used to sing nightly to the crowd. Today, he's getting up in years so he only does one or two gigs during the week with an occasional Saturday night appearance.

BVI yacht charter vacationers on all types of power boats, sailing yachts and the modern luxury Caribbean catamarans can all be found enjoying Foxy's drinks, food and the spur-of-the-moment performances by none other than Foxy himself.

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Modern Luxury Catamarans Make For Glorious Vacations

The modern luxury catamaran has forever changed the yacht charter vacation industry.

Today our 60 and 76 foot catamarans, with their new fly bridges and walk around beds in all cabins, are now equal in every way to 120 foot high-end a mega luxury power yacht.

Guests who paid $100,000 for a one week vacation can now enjoy the 76 foot catamaran with the same quality cuisine and the same high-end luxury interior; the cabins are larger walk around cabins.

The cost for 10 guests in a 76 foot catamaran is all-inclusive at $50,000, half the rate paid in the past on power boat charters, with equal amenities, better stability and comfort due to its 2 hulls.

This modern BVI catamaran revolution commenced in 1990, when the first modern designed catamarans arrived on the charter scene. Brokers would not book a catamaran because they were comfortable booking monohulls.

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How to Choose The Right Yacht Charter Broker

A Good Yacht Charter Broker is like a Good Real Estate Agent.

You don't pay any commissions to charter a private yacht.

motor yacht viaggioYour yacht charter broker is a person who needs to be fully knowledgeable of the entire yacht industry. A yacht broker is a person who you know has a few good years as being a captain in the charter industry. So ask lots of questions.
  • Why is this yacht charter broker better than the others?
  • Is it possible to get references from the broker you are working with?
  • How well does this yacht charter broker know the location you are going to be chartering in during your cruise or sailing vacation?
  • Is this yacht broker giving you ideas on why to select certain dates during each month?
  • Is the month you are wanting to charter part of the rain period for your annual yacht charter vacation?
  • What is the difference between a power boat charter and a sailing charter?
  • Catamarans have elevated this industry far more than any other vessel worldwide; what is driving them, and what are the latest ideas catamarans bring to the passionate charter guests?
  • Why are monohulls/sailing yachts cheaper than the traditional catamaran?

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Escape Winter on a Warm Luxury Yacht Charter in the Caribbean.

Shoveling snow or basking in tropical sunshine. Where would you rather be? british virgin island chartersIf you live in the 'Snow Belt' you may feel that Winter seems to come faster and lasts longer ever year. Cold weather and its inevitable snow, sleet and freezing rain is around the corner. By February you might well be ready for a place where its warm and the sun still shines during the day.

You work very hard to earn your money. When it's time take a vacation you want to have an ultimate experience where you get great value for your money, too. Learning how to make the best use of your limited time off is vital to resting your body and soul. It will be very hard to relax and enjoy yourself if you feel that you have be mislead and spent your money unwisely.

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Featured Yachts

Welcome aboard the 44 Feet luxury catamaran Dolphin Splash. Dolphin Splash sleeps 6 guests in 3 queen sized beds and cabins.
Welcome aboard the luxury catamaran Slivochka, a 59-foot luxury crewed catamaran based in the world’s most magnificent island hopping location, the British Virgin Islands.

Motor Yacht STARFIRE is 178 feet in length (54M). Her max speed is 15 knots and cruises at 12 knots. STARFIRE has the latest and most technologically advanced communication system in the industry.