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Restaurants to visit while on charter in the Virgin Islands
Your private charter can bring you to any one of these wonderful eateries.
CAPRICCIO DI MARE: An Italian-style sidewalk café located across from the ferry dock in Road Town offers fresh pastries and cappuccino for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, there are pasta, pizza and salads. Here is a very popular sidewalk café where ladies meet to talk about their daily topics. Tea and cream scones, anyone? Capriccio is in the middle of Road Town, the capital of Tortola, BVI, a yachtsman’s Caribbean paradise.

Vacation with a difference
How do I find a vacation with a difference?
Do you want a vacation that is not the same hotel resort on the beach for 10 days? Yes, it is good to find your own beach, but I can show you 8 of your own beaches in 1 week. Would you like to bond with your children more during your time with them? Or bond with your aging Mom and Dad as a special treat to both of them.
Do you wish for cuisine fit for kings, queens, presidents and statesmen?
Would you like to be impressed by the service around you?
Is it body temperature warm water to swim in that you are after, and yes, the water has to be crystal clear?
Must crystal clear water come with white beaches and encrusted with coconut palms?
Do you demand to be where no one else can go, and yet also demand to be around the jet-setting vacationers?
Would you also wish to be in paradise, a word used far too much, but where Mother Nature did her best work?
You don't want to fly for hours and hours to get to your destination? The Virgins are just around the corner from the USA, perfect!

Scuba Diving in the Virgin Islands
In 1997, a magazine came out with a gorgeous "In Depth Guide for Scuba Divers in the BVI". This guide was 8 inches by 11.5 inches, all in glossy color, consisting of six pages plus a front and back cover. At the time, I got hold of 3 and quickly sent them out to scuba divers and could never get any more. The entire book had gone out of print. Everything I did to get copies of this dive book failed. I called England, the USA, and anywhere else I could find who could point me towards getting fresh copies. The printer said it was firmly out of print. Reluctantly, I gave up looking for this scuba guide.
In 2002, I was at a little shop in the BVI, and I noticed a shelf with 84 of these (old) gorgeous scuba dive booklets. I purchased all 84 copies, and the salesman thought I was daft. Today in 2014, and I count that I do have 18 of these scuba booklets still in our office. Yes, I have been giving these booklets to the scuba fanatics, so if you want one for your trip, kindly ask for one. It is the best scuba dive guide I have seen. We do have other scuba dive guides, but none has impressed me more than that old one. All the script below comes directly from that dive book.

Snorkeling Tips
Take full advantage of the warm water (almost the same temperature as your body), crystal clear tropical Caribbean Sea. No shiver shock when you enter the water; it is simply inviting you to come-on-in and have fun. Your Caribbean sailing vacation provides the best way to get 100 percent out of your yacht charter. There are barrier reefs in many of the islands of the Caribbean Coulequan Barrier reef, Bitter End Yacht Club, the barrier reef to Anegada, but snorkel on the outside of these barrier reefs not the inside. Horseshoe Barrier Reef, in the Grenadines is where we found a small shoal of pink and red seahorses, never found anywhere else. Snorkeling all over the Caribbean and Bahamas Islands is magnificent.
This adventure is far too important for you to have an agent compromise your vacation, so select the best person for the job, no matter what size your yacht whether its 60 or 600 feet. It is your broker who provides information to make all your charters the ultimate yacht adventure.

What’s Happening – The Island Beat
(Thanks to Jan Critchley of the British Virgin Islands)
Fun on Fisherman’s Day:
On Territory Day, July 1st, head to Long Bay Beach, Beef Island and take part in Fisherman’s Day. There are three categories – trolling, reef fishing and the family tournament, as well as beach games such as swimming races, diving, tug-of-war, soldier crab races and domino games. There will also be live music and a fashion show. Registration is at the Conservation and Fisheries Department by June 30th, and a valid fishing license must be obtained to take part in the trolling and reef fishing categories. So get out your bait, cast your line and, who knows, the “Big One” just might not get away!

The Annual 14 Day EMANCIPATION FESTIVAL in the British Virgin Islands
(By Jan Critchley of BVI fame)
Two weeks each summer, the British Virgin Islands come alive with one of the hottest festivals in the Caribbean. Commencing July 22 and continuing until August 5, the BVI explodes with a carnival atmosphere of parades, performances, dancing, horse racing, parties, boat races and many other special events. Tents are set up with rides for children and many other happy sports to have fun with.

The major attraction is the festival parade, which is held on the first Monday of August. Hundreds of people line the roadway to watch the decorated floats and Soca bands, all vying for “best float”. All floats are supported by colorful energetic troupes dancing their way to the festival village. Jumbies on stilts wander in and around them. This is an electric parade of gorgeous costumes, smiling faces, lots of dancing and music, as both parade participants and the crowd jump to the beat.

The Pelican Brief
While Gaile (my wife of 44 years) and I were chartering in the Caribbean learning all the anchorages for our guests, we used to take these free week-ends with friends and get lost in paradise just relaxing between charters. Gaile is one of those wonderful gentle folks who people, dogs, cats and birds are attracted to. When we were in the Virgin Islands, those single girls would gravitate to "Mother" Gaile, so there was forever a bunch of single girls hanging around our catamaran and the safety of "Mother" Gaile.

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