Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations

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#1. Introduction by Captain Andrew Buys.
Dear Passionate Traveler and friends,

For the past 16 years Barrington-Hall has worked passionately with you, our V.I.P. guests. Our major aim is to ensure that we take your happiest vacation period to heart and thus earn your respect, trust and security. There is no other company more dedicated to making your luxury yacht vacation the best it can possibly be. We recommend you GET TO know us better than any web site, we work for you and are paid by the owner of the yacht you select, this means we are totally unbiased when offering different yachts. This month let us do a Christmas Catamaran extravaganza to our monthly news letter. I have selected medium sized luxury catamarans to look at, many pictures and a true evaluation of each luxury Caribbean catamaran. Here is a gem for out of the way islands, “Caribbean Dream” is based in the Grenadines, so for our past guests who wish for something different we now have a value priced luxury catamaran based in the heart of the spice island playground (the Grenadines).
#2. Selecting Your Yacht

The client may look at any one of many aspects of their charter yacht, the rate, the shape of their yacht, the color of the interior, their crew team, the age of the yacht, does it have a Jacuzzi on deck, or the menu. Generally guests look at so many vessels they become boggled by the magnitude of all the vessels and all the different aspects they need be certain of. Only a top charter broker can provide aspects the guests can be certain of, this way you (the guests) are able to pick out the gold from the bronze.

Looking at any luxury yacht on the internet is exactly what guests should be doing for their yacht charter vacation, but selecting a yacht from the internet can be scary! Always contact a top professional for advice no matter what. Do you know the crew personally? How old are the pictures you see on the internet? You are unable to tell from the internet if any of the cabins have gasoline odors! When last did the yacht have a refit? You are spending your hard earned money on this private yacht vacation, so your number one selection for this is always selecting the best broker.

You will know when you have that broker, then drop the rest and stick to one agent, or it may become a problem when booking.

This way planning your entire cruise vacation will be better.

How a good broker selects yachts to offer “you”.

Your broker (we speak only for our company) looks at your private yacht charter from a totally different perspective than clients do. Our company visits various annual boat shows around the world, we inspect every aspect of the yacht and its crew team. Enjoying meals on various vessels also provides us with how meals and wines are served, plus the working attitude of the crew during the meal times. Barrington-Hall staff takes all internal and crew pictures of all the yachts we inspect. This is not practiced by any other company in our industry, so when dealing with us, our guests know exactly what they are going to get. We also show the manufacturing date of all vessels we offer guests.

With this overall knowledge of the yachts we inspect we are now in a position to carefully hand pick the YACHTS FOR SMARTER CHOICES for our guests.

Here is how our company selects the yachts for you, our number one customer. There are many general aspects to charter yachts and each one has its own section, but basically the most important aspect to your vacation is the interaction between you and your crew. A good crew team can make a weak yacht look good. A weak captain, will normally have mediocre staff and if these crew happen to be on a million dollar mega yacht your week on board will not be comfortable.

From our point of view it is the crew first, then the yacht and all her different attributes. Barrington-Hall yachts are not here to compromise your important vacation. If an owner offers us $500 less to have our guests placed on his yacht it is generally not the vessel our guests need to charter. There are exceptions.

#3. Special Catamarans for your selection.

Caribbean Dream

At the recent Annual charter yacht boat show Angela won 2nd and 3rd prize for her cuisine, so expect world-class cuisine when on board Caribbean Dream. When recent guests say, “Glenn and Angela do not change a thing!”, then we all know they are doing everything right. Here is a catamaran that looks brand new, smells brand new and yet she is not. Our company is exceptionally proud to be associated with this crew and their wonderful catamaran.

Good Medicine

The ultimate in luxury, exquisite cuisine, exciting water activities and plenty of time to relax and unwind, your friendly professional crew will see that your time aboard Good Medicine is your vacation of a lifetime. Good Medicine is a 2004 Fontaine Pajot Bahia 46 luxury sailing catamaran.

Catamaran Bliss

Voyage Catamarans have many captain and crew teams under their banner and they rated Captain Ron and Anya as their best captain and chef team. Today we find Captain Ron and Anya on board the gorgeous catamaran Bliss. Bliss sleeps 10 guests in 5 cabins. Culinary delights are the DNA of Anya, it really is in her blood.

Quest Catamaran

Captain Cameron and Rhonda Warren are the magnificent team on board Quest, fun friendly and most charming to be around. Quest is a large catamaran for 8 guests with plenty of space for everyone.

Sea Chateau

Captain Steff and lovely Stephanie are the folk who enjoy crewing on board Sea Chateau. Here is a couple who are energetic, full of fun who love meeting people to show them the great anchorages of the British Virgin Islands.


A wonderful captain and chef team, just perfect for families, Travis has decorated one cabin as a Kiddies Kingdom that the children fight to be in. Some adults have also been known to want the Kiddies Kingdom. Just perfect for 8 guests.
#4. Tropical Drink Recipes
These illustrations are a tribute to nature’s tropical secrets. These exotic flavors of nature are put together as if my wife was a gorgeous humming bird and it was her I wished to attract. Enjoy these carefully selected Caribbean favorites; they are dedicated to the art of service and a lot of fun. I believe that nature’s handyman would be proud of them, dry or sweet. Thank you for your selection, enjoy your party no matter how big or small.

We are honored to present these to you and delighted you are about to test these extremely special tropical mixtures. As of today there is not one charter company in the world who has provided this type of service for their guests.


Captain Glenn and Angela Smith
Charter Catamaran "Caribbean Dream"

Our tropical rum punch serves 4-6

3/4 fill pitcher with gingerbeer sweet soda

10 oz minutemaid lime consentrate.
3 oz tequilla,
3 oz triple sec.
5 oz dark rum blend with ice.
Salt rim of Tall Collins glass garnish with pineapple slice.


Captain Bob and Sueno Ward
Catamaran Good Medicine

1 oz light rum

0.5 oz minute-maide lime juice

0.5 oz Ameretto

1 oz Mango syrup Blend with ice.

Enjoy the Caribbean.

5 Years working as a charter yacht captain, in the Caribbean and mainly based in the Virgin islands allowed me to get to know all the yacht charter captains. "What is your favorite drink you served to your guests?" was often the topic of conversation. Here are the recipes gathered from those special evenings.
#5. Conclusion
A private yacht vacation means you create your own personal itinerary.

With many destinations out there, again it comes down to the knowledge of the broker you select to work with. It is your broker’s responsibility to provide most of the information you need for the location you are about to enjoy.

Generally speaking there are 4 major destinations. These destinations are set by the owners who wish to charter their yachts. They base their yachts in these 4 destinations because these locations all have the infrastructure to service large and small charter yachts.

Bahamas – for Bahamas Yachts Charters
Caribbean Chain- Caribbean yacht charters.
French Riviera – for Mediterranean yacht charters.
Greece – for those Greek yacht charters.

Yes there are other destinations; all would have relocation costs attached to them, unless a specific yacht just happens to be where you have requested.

Different months of the year mean different locations due to weather conditions. The Caribbean Chain and Bahamas have a 10 month yacht charter season. The Mediterranean has a 4 month yacht charter season. Your Broker can easily cover different aspects of all locations.

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