Greek Yacht Charters - Saronic Gulf

#1. Introduction by Captain Andrew Buys.
Dear Passionate Traveler and friends,

This month we are featuring vacationing in the Saronic Gulf aboard a private yacht in Greece.

We are showing a sample itinerary. These are just some of the many islands and anchorages that you may like to see while on your Greek Island hopping vacation.

Greece is the birthplace of modern civilization, where you will enjoy gentle people, wonderful cuisine, magnificent wine and dancing. The example itinerary you find below is hardly set in stone; and is intended to provide information for you to guide you in determining where to go and what to do while exploring the wonderful Greek Islands. Call the staff at Barrington-Hall as we know many of the islands and will gladly share ideas with you and guide you regarding what to do and where to go.
We want to give you pertinent and up to date information so you'll be sure and visit the islands you most want to see. It is you who tells the captain where you want to go. Remember, your captain will also be speaking to you well in advance of your charter, so gather as much information as you'd like.

Expect to enjoy vegetables you have never seen before. Greece has its own special secrets and surprises; only you and I can open its treasures.
A private yacht vacation is the very best way to enjoy Greece and all its wonders. Imagine visiting an island that has no motor cars, no mopeds, no scooters; the only forms of transport are bicycles and donkey carts. This is one of the reasons to go on vacation: to see the wonder places in the world.


#2. The Saronic Gulf

The 7 night itinerary of the Saronic Gulf

On your arrival by air in Athens, our Greek agent Julie has a taxi meet you and your party at the airport. You normally arrive at 3pm at the airport, and there is a 45-60 minute drive to your hotel. The next day, the same taxi driver picks you up at the hotel and takes you to your yacht, where Julie will be waiting to introduce you to your captain and crew team. Cost for the taxi is taken from the advanced provisioning amount, so you do not need to worry about taxi costs, and you are on board without thinking. You wave goodbye to Julie as your yacht moves out of the marina.

Aegina: Your wonderful adventure commences at 12 noon right in Athens. You have met your captain and crew team and discussed your itinerary with your captain; off you go to Aegina, your first stop for the night. Your captain reverses your yacht so that the rear of your yacht faces the main esplanade, and a walkway leads you to firm land to explore.

Aegina has numerous seaside villages; the normal esplanade is where most of the business takes place. A lovely rich varied landscape of the island with her archaeological site, combined with the beauty of the town, is what draws visitors to Aegina. A good number of white soft sand beaches with calm blue water have a nightlife which will not disappoint guests. This island that produces the famous Pistachios knows how to take good care of visitors.

Poros: Aah, my all-time favorite Greek island. Note the one picture with all the Greek charter boats parked around her; it is an aerial shot, another milestone of Greek hospitality with traditional small houses, narrow streets, quaint coastline dotted with soft white beaches. So much to do in Poros: 2 lovely clubs for dancing, both normally opening at midnight. Dancing runs through until 4 am; this is what happy Greeks do. Your yacht will be rear facing the busy esplanade, so there is lots to see while you enjoy lunch on deck under the shaded cockpit. Go ashore, visit the marketplace, look at their little lively shops, purchase Greek honey; it is far more exotic than ours. A taxi tour around Poros is suggested, or a taverna at which to enjoy lunch instead of on board.

Spetses: Here is an island which is steeped in Greek history, with centenarian trees, beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water. Spetses offers visitors non-stop nightlife.

What a lively atmosphere you have on one island. Many monuments adorn Spetses, which is proof of the island’s role and of the residents during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. Here natural bays and beaches are all open to happy holiday makers, also inviting new experiences for the vacationer.

Nafplion: Guests can elect to head back to Athens via Hydra at a slower pace if this is what they wish to do, or head to Nafplion. Nafplion was the first capital of independent Greece. Today we know it is Athens, which is more internationally placed. Nafplion is dominated by the Venetian citadel Palmidi, which is a perfect example of Venetian military architecture with shops, tavernas and narrow streets; ideal for the excited vacationer.

Hydra: On the way back, you can stop at Fokiakis Beach or carry on traveling back to Hydra, which we elected to miss on our way past her. The homes of Hydra are built around the beautiful major marina, which is typical of most marinas worldwide; they include 17th and 18th-century buildings. There is not one motor car or one motorcycle, no scooters; the only forms of travel on Hydra are bicycles or donkey carts, which take all of us back 100 years in time. Again, this is why we visit these different places of the world, to see and enjoy different cultures. To the passionate traveler who wishes to see a dreamlike setting in combination of peace, fun and charming people, the island of Hydra is a must-see little island in paradise. Make sure you purchase wine from the islands of Greece and take some home; this is a favorite among charter guests.

Now we head back to Athens, possibly staying at a lagoon close to Aegina, so that we are set to get back to Piraeus Marina (Athens) and ready for the noon drop-off on the 8th day.

Greece is very different from the French and Italian Rivieras, where the rich and famous play. Yet I prefer Greece and her humble way of life, with her super charming people. One of our guests described eating octopus in Greece as “biting into a soft tasty cloud. Andrew, I never eat octopus here at home in the USA because it is like biting a car tire, but in Greece they do know how to make it so soft.”

Miss Greece and her wonderful gentle people, the super cuisine, her many anchorages, the music, her wine, and you will miss one of the greatest adventures of your life.

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