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#1. Introduction by Captain Andrew Buys.
Dear passionate travelers and friends,

The Barrington-Hall staff listens to all your requests and ask the right questions to learn what you and your party enjoy doing during the day and at night. We can guide you to the best location on board the best charter yacht with the best captain and crews available. There are crews who love children, there are crews who prefer adults, there are all types of people that operate yacht charters and we feel that it is our responsibility to visit charter boat shows all around the world in order to personally meet the crew and to inspect the yachts. Absolutely unique to Barrington-Hall only is the fact that we have visited all the luxury yachts will recommend to you. Additionally, we have taken pictures of the interiors of all the yachts for you to see the level of luxury you can anticipate.

Our guests will always get to see exactly what they will be getting before their yacht charter vacation even begins. We want you to be comfortable in knowing who your crew will be to make sure its a perfect match. It is vital to us that our guests are provided with the very best luxury yachts in order to experience the ultimate vacations.
#2. Private Yacht Charters in the Caribbean
Is Is it still cold where you live? Are those snow plows working overtime? Has the baby still got the flu? Is the dog unhappy?
Take a British Virgin Islands charter, where the water is always warm, and the coconut trees are caressed by the white coral sand at their roots. The sun, unhindered by clouds, gives life to green palm fronds and warmth to the tropical waters, bringing the coral and teeming fish of the Caribbean to life. The pirates of the 1700's must have realized this or they would have pillaged Alaska instead!.

Take off those ear muffs, get out of those heavy wool clothes, stow away your gloves, put away the snow boots and make your escape to the tropical and warm weather on board a luxurious yacht in Caribbean. Mother Nature’s good side is bright and beautiful; her welcoming arms are ready to embrace you and your family.

What is holding you back? Where would you prefer to be right now? Shoveling 3" of 'partly cloudy' or basking in the tropical sun in the Caribbean Sea? Come and 'Rock the Boat'!.

If this is where you have to snorkel, then it means you have not called Barrington-Hall Yachts to speak to Andrew.
#3. Crammed Hotel vs. Packed Cruise Ship vs. Private Yacht Charter
How does a private yacht vacation differ from cruise ships and hotels.

All our yachts worldwide are fully crewed.

Wind and Ocean swell:

The professional yacht broker Barrington-Hall takes care in not exposing our guests to rocky, open water crossings. It is these open water crossings where cruise ships are forced to go and it is the ocean's swell and wind that makes their guests uncomfortable.

Your private yacht normally does not sail during the night unless guests make this special request. The cruising time (sailing time) on a private yacht is normally 1 hour after breakfast and one hour after lunch, the rest of the day is filled with activities and relaxation, water sport or exploring time. A luxury yacht vacation is really a calm, easy, island hopping adventure. Even if the wind blows your experience will not be affected. These vessels offers stable home comfort with huge internal and external space on board.

Cruise Ships have ports that they have to be at specific times which means crossing a windy open ocean that makes for nightly discomfort.

You are stuck in 1 location


Private Yacht: On your private yacht charter, you get to choose exactly which islands you wish to visit and explore. As part of our superior service, we provide our guests with detailed daily example itineraries
of your destination and to issue you with a cruising guide of your charter trip. This way you will have a good idea of what to do and where to go. Two of our staff were captains in the Virgin Islands for 5 years and know every nook and cranny. In a typical week you can expect to see 10 different islands, with 14 different anchorages. You can select a sailing yacht, a modern catamaran or a luxury power boat.

Cruise Ships: There is no flexibility; you have to go where they go.
Hotels: Here you remain stuck in the same hotel for your entire stay, where the views never change.


Private Yacht: Our luxury yacht charters are all-inclusive and we mean 'all-inclusive' with not one more cent to pay. This includes the ships' bar complete with 3 chef prepared meals each day.

Cruise Ships have all kinds of hidden extras to pay for when you are on board meaning you do not know what your vacation is really going to cost until the end of your vacation. No surprise fees or costs on a chartered yacht vacation that you book with us!
Hotels that state all-inclusive, means you pay for many items you do not use, so you are paying more for the hotel vacation than you should.


Private Yacht: On your private yacht, each meal is prepared by your personal chef - just for you. Meals are set at the times you request and only your party will be on board for all meals. Now we are looking at an exclusive adventure just for you and your family. You order your own bar and food, no matter what it might be.

Cruise Ships have many seatings each day, nothing is custom prepared, you select what is there. Note there are 1,000s of guests also have to eat fast because the next seating is about to happen, just too many people around.
Hotels No menu is customized for you.


The hotel vacation means you are stuck at one location for the entire week which is exactly what most vacations have been like over the years.

On cruise ship vacations, the masses on board need to be entertained day and night by the crew, have predetermined places to go and you get to participate in each activity with 1,000s of other guests. Normally that's not what many guests are looking for, but often the 'initial' price is what is appealing.

A private yacht vacations cost as little as $2,000 per person, per week all-inclusive which is an unbelievable price for the world’s ultimate vacation experience.

Imagine visiting islands and cays where you are the only people for miles around. Snorkeling reefs teaming with rainbow color sponges that are teeming with fish, lobsters and conch in crystal clear waters where you can see 80 feet in every direction. Or, perhaps you'd prefer relaxing under a palm tree with your favorite book, cocktail in hand and white sand nestled between your toes. You are the admiral of your yacht charter so come on down to enjoy the very best vacation you have ever had.

Below is an example of a private yacht vacation on a catamaran sailboat.
#4. Tropical Drink Recipes
These illustrations are a tribute to nature’s tropical secrets. These exotic flavors of nature were concocted as if my wife was a gorgeous humming bird and it was her I wished to attract. Enjoy these carefully selected Caribbean favorites; they are dedicated to the art of service and a lot of fun. I believe that nature’s handyman would be proud of them, dry or sweet. Enjoy your selection, enjoy your party no matter how big or small.

We are honored to present these to you and delighted in your pleasure as you indulge in these very special tropical elixirs. As of today, there is not one other charter company that has provided this service for their guests.


Captain Mark and Sally Duncan
Catamaran “Viking Dream”

1 oz Marula Juice
1 oz Peach schnapps
4 oz Spumante sweet champagne
2 oz Fruit punch
2 oz Pineapple juice
Pour into 2 chilled champagne tulip glasses
No ice. A ladies favorite!


Captain Ron and Anya Paxton
Catamaran Sailboat "Bliss 58 feet."

1 oz dark Pusser rum
0.5 oz lime
2 spoons honey
Dash bitter- top-up with soda water, tint ice pink
with Angostura bitters before freezing,
Garnish with cherry and serve in a tulip glass.

#5. Conclusion

This Month's Tip

“Swimmers ear”

EAR infections, or swimmers ear. For your private yacht vacation make sure you take swimmers ear drops or alcohol drops to put into each ear after each and ever swim. This was my habit I got into during my 5 years as a charter captain and I never got swimmers ear, even once..

The warm water is so full of life forms we cannot see and as the salt water dries in your ear it can cause irritation and discomfort to you ear. This seldom happens but rather stop it from happening and make sure you have no ear problems during your adventure.

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