Diving the Blue Hole

Diving the BIG BLUE HOLE off Belize


For many years now passengers of motor yacht charters, fisherman in charter motor boats (power yachts), sailors, locals and men in their flying machines, magazine readers, adventures, scuba divers, like Jacques Cousteau have all wondered how deep the Blue hole off Belize really is.?  Now we know.

This Tv program aired Sunday December 3, 2018. All three went down in a Submersible with a 270 degree clear vision dome.  There were two submersibles going down in tandem.  Descending past 175 feet was the mark where scuba divers could not get lower.  They passed various layers on the side showing where dry land once was thousands of year ago.  They also passed a few layers where Stalagmites and stalactites were clearly seen, another indication where dry caves were many years earlier.  Stalagmites and stalactites can only form in dry land based caves, it is not possible to form under water.  They went down 400 plus feet through a Hydrogen Sulfide Layer which was 30 feet off the bottom of the hole making visibility difficult.  On the bottom they noticed dead conch shells, empty crab shells, beer cans, beer bottles and various plastics.  Sir Richard said that his cruise ship company did not have plastics on board but paper cups and as many other substitutes for plastic, as possible.  It was our duty to the future of mankind to make sure plastics did not get discarded into the ocean, or elsewhere.   They noticed marks on the sandy floor where the conch shells had obviously fallen from the lip of the Blue Hole down onto the sandy floor and crawled to the wall and started to climb up, but the Hydrogen Sulfide layer had suffocated them and they fell to die on the bottom. So now we know what is at the bottom of the big blue hole off Belize.  There are various caves off the hole and caverns, but the two submersibles that went down together merely wanted to get to the bottom

Belize is the home of the world’s second longest barrier reef and is also home to locals, fishermen, yacht charter motor yachts and power boats, sailors and scuba divers, plus a lot more vacation makers.  Belize is a top vacation destination, with warn crystal clear water, white powder coconut lined beaches, they playground of the tropics.

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